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Ergonomically designed handlebars

The moulded handlebars are perfect for little hands to grip and allow your child to control the 4WD all on their own. While propelling themselves with their legs, the child is able to lean forward onto the rounded handlebars to support their lower abdomen which creates a comfortable ride. The handlebars have been positioned to help your child gain equal control on all four wheels.

Optimal Height

The 4WD allows your child to play independently as they are able to get on and off the 4WD by themselves. The product is low in height and the seat is shaped so that they can easily climb on and get off safely.

Comfort Seat

The bike shaped seat is curved to create comfort for babies and toddlers which encourages them to play with the product for longer. The single piece seat takes equal impact of any jerk or collision with furniture or objects

360 Multi-Directional Travel

The handlebars are fixed and therefore multidirectional movement is achieved using leg power. Unlike other ride-ons, the My First Ride On features four wheels that can move in every direction including turning in a complete circle. The design allows for smooth movement in whichever direction your child travels.

Safety Stoppers:

The 4WD features both front and back safety stoppers which prevent it from toppling as well as provide safety if any high object is on the floor.

Ideal for Small Spaces:

Due to its sleek design, the 4WD is able to navigate even in narrow spaces.

Technical Details

Brand Minjal
Product Name 4 Wheel Drive (4WD)
Age 1 year to 2.5 years (After child start walking)
Dimensions Seat Width 13-18 cm / Height 21 cm / Length 44 cm
Key Feature Extra Smooth Wheel Movement
Wheel Type Single WIDE - Rubberized Wheel
Material Plastics (HDPE,ABS,TPE)
Product Weight 1.95 Kg (Approx)
Maximum Rider Weight 25 Kilograms
UPC Number 5060485590040
Assembly Required Yes (Handle)
International Toy Safety Tests Passed EN71 (Part 1,2 and 3) , CPSC, ISO
Batteries No
Packing Printed BOX

My first ride on initial training

To make your child comfortable using the my first ride on independently you must first ensure that both feet can touch the ground while sitting on the product. your child must be able to walk and balance while standing in order to use the my first ride on.

Days 1 and 2

Help your child feel comfortable with their my first ride on by holding them during their first ride. Gently shake the rear section of the first ride on so that child can feel the wheel movements. Your child may fall during their first couple of rides. This is perfectly normal as they adapt to using my first ride on. Do not force them to keep trying should they keep falling. Try again after a week to get them used to balancing on the product. Always ensuring both feet can touch the ground.

Day 3

Once your child is comfortable sitting on the my first ride on gently push it forward. do not push with jerking fast movements which may cause your child to lose balance.

Day 4

Move the my first ride on gently forwards and now backwards.

Days 5

Repeat movements gently and allow your child to begin to move the my first ride on independently. This will increase your child's confidence and enable them to take control of the my first ride on and move it in all directions.

Days 6 days onwards

You can repeat steps according to how your child is progressing. A child will normally take approximately 15 days to use their my first ride on independently although every chidl is different so simply repeat initial steps until their confidence grows.

Suitable for Indoor use only.

1.  The safest way to ride this my first ride on is indoors on evenly surfaced floors. 

2. Rough surfaces outdoors can damage the rubber layer on the wheels.  Outdoor use is therefore not recommended.

3.  Do not use near roads,

4.  Do not leave child alone and unattended

5.  Do not allow child to reide where there is a risk of falling eg. steps balconoy, veranda, slopes or near fires.

6.  Do not stand on its seat or use as a stool to reach high objects.

7.  Do not allow children weighting above 25 kg to ride this product.

8.  Do not keep my first ride on near naked flame or in direct sunlight.

9.  Do not give any assembling parts to children small parts pose choking risks for small children.  Adult assembly only.

10. do not allow children to play with the plastic material bags used in packaging in case of suffocation.

11. Product may get degraded or damaged over time.  Regularly check if the screws are tight and wheel s turn smoothly if any defect is found discard it immediately.

12.  Allow only one rider at any time.

1.      Regular cleaning is extremely important to ensure a smooth ride.  My first ride on wheels can attract human hairs and thread lying on the floor surface. If rolled around the axle this may obstruct swift spinning of wheels.

2.     Pull out hairs or thread gently by slowly rolling the wheel while pulling the object with the help of your thumb and first finger you may also use a pair of tweezers. 

3.     Dirt may also stick to the wheels as they are made of rubber material which providers a firm grip.  Regularly wipe out dirt using soft wet cloth.

4.     While cleaning please do not try opening the wheel assembly the wheel's nut features a nylon patch which cannot be reassembled.

4Wheel Drive Cleaning instructions

You will need plus screw driver to assemble.

1. Keep handle bar rounded ends forward.

2. Insert stem of the handle into the holder in the body

3. Place nut in the hexagonal slot on the right side.

4. From the other end pass bolt and washer through the body and handle hole till it crosses the nut.

5. Once all three are aligned use a screw driver to tighten.

4Wheel Drive Training intructions

Warning :

If the nut is not fixed properly, the handle may become loose over time due to movement and vibration. 

 Please ensure nut is screwed tightly and inspect it before each use.