Frequently Asked Questions :

Can it move on Carpet?

While a Hard Floor is ideal, it also moves on carpets with short fibres. The 4WD has a broad single wheel design which helps smooth movement.
If in any instance, you are not satisfied with the products movement on your carpet it can be returned to us for a Refund.

I like the Video very much – can my child play like this?

Certainly – In the Video the kids have consistently played with 4WD for just 15 days and they were all very comfortable.
The videos taken were simply an observation of children enjoying the 4WD and having fun and we hope this communicates the benefits of the product.

How soon will my child master the 4WD?

Every child is different and it depends on each individual child. The child will learn to master the 4WD at their own pace in the same way they learn to ride a bike - with practice.
It normally takes a child who has learnt to walk confidently 15 days to master and enjoy the 4WD.

You can also see this Training video

What about the Safety of the toy?

Utmost care has been taken while Designing, Manufacturing and Testing the 4WD.

Use abuse testing, chemicals tests, flammability tests and strength tests have all been carried out adhering to guidelines. All the components and raw materials have individually gone through strict testing at UL Lab.

The finished product and each colour have also been tested thoroughly.

The Vendors selected for the raw materials are best in their respective fields. The 4WD meets EN71, CPSC, ISO tests to the highest levels.

Why is the 4WD such an unusual shape?

The 4WD is ergonomically designed and the unique shape ensures a more comfortable ride for your child. The motorcycle shaped narrow seat enables good grip and the spherical handles are perfect for little hands to hold. The sturdy fixed handle supports a child’s body, distributing weight even across the vehicle for added support.

Design is visually explained here.

Why is 4WD an indoor toy?

An indoor environment is a safe place for your child to experience their first ride on.

Why should I choose 4WD over other Ride Ons?

• Unlike other ride ons, the 4WD can move in all directions without the child having to dismount.

• Children can ride the 4WD without adult support.

• The product is the perfect size for any home and can move around narrow spaces and furniture with ease.

• The 4WD is powered by leg propulsion rather than pedals which is easier for young children.

• The wheels move smoothly even when the child is seated.

Can I try the product before I buy?

Order a 4WD via our website and use it for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with the product it can be returned and we will offer a full refund.