Watch the 4 Wheel Drive in Action      

Why 4 Wheel Drive is the first ride on?

You can begin to use your 4WD when baby has started to walk and balance independently. If both feet can touch the ground when sitting on the product, your child will get the optimal benefits. Our 4wd has a unique ergonomic design which not only enables your child to have lots of fun but also aids their essential development. The product is designed to encourage maximum activity in children aged one to two and half without tiring them.

Minjal 4wd Ride On
4wd ride on Minjal

4 Colours to choose from

leg Powered Minjal 4wd ride on

Leg Powered

4WD is turned by legs and not by the handle. It has the lowest turing radius.

safety stopper 4wd minjal ride on

Safety Stoppers

Front and back Safety Stoppers - In case a child encounters a big object on the floor.

motorbike 4wd ride on

Motorbike like Seat Design

Motorbike like seat design - for ease when a child moves it around. Handle is fixed to the body for support.

Soft Rubber Coating

The wheels have a Soft Rubber Coating which makes movement less noisy or silent inside the house. The wheels do not leave marks or scratches on the floor surface. The rubber absorbs small jerks and is non slippery on the floor.

Smooth Wheel Movements

Smooth Wheel Movements - Wheels are made from ABS plastic for a smooth movement and protection for the wheel axle. With less efforts the distance travelled is more.

No Ball Bearings

4WD does not use Ball Bearings which tens to attract dirt and rust over time and which can obstruct movement.

The 4 Wheel Drive can spin 360 Degrees!

spin 360